Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My head just exploded - So much to learn

Huddled in a corner - back to the world, hides a wee man scribbling. He peeks over his shoulder every few moments to confirm that no-one can view his work in progress. He is an artiste.

Across the room, in the midst of pens, papers, brushes, flying colors, ink blots and surrounded by upraised, eager faces, stands another man - strong and self-assured. He gestures widely, pointing, open hands, speaking clearly to those who listen. He is a lover of life and art.

I have been fortunate to meet two such men recently- these sharing souls who are not so threatened that they are willing to pass on their knowlege and hard-earned secrets to their students. Yes - they will be reimbursed, but deservedly so, as they have opened our eyes and expanded our knowledge far beyond what we can gain from reading.

I understand this is all useless - unless we are willing to see and to practice - that is our part in the journey.  And what a trip!

Thank you Andrew Giffin (New Brunswick Artist) and Johannes Vloothuis (Artist and sponsored by F & W Media and Wetcanvas)

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