Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meenans Cove Scene - latest work in progress

We have a beautiful cove nearby with a boat launch and park. This morning it was quiet and the water still. I am trying to capture that lovely serenity. Below are the various stages of progress. 

I had included a third smaller boat originally but felt it added nothing to the scene.

I had a eurika moment while painting last night. I added the sunlit field in the distance, creating another plane. It looked great but suddenly showed how cold the foreground had become.  So I warmed the earth along the shore, using burnt sienna and added yellow ochre and cad orange in the foreground grasses. I need to do some more work on the foreground by bring some more grasses into the water area and replacing the tips that I lost when changing the earth color.  I hope to create some reflected lightand and a bit more interesting detail on the boats. Then finally add a bit of lost and found edges on the tree.

Comments welcome.

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