Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being unconventional and squinting your eyes.

I was pleased to see local artists attending Krista Hasson's Unconventional Watercolor Art Show this afternoon. Krista's unique use of wax, watercolor and rice paper created glowing pieces of art. The comments I overheard were all very enthusiastic and positive.

Krista's ability to produce incredibly detailed and realistic artwork has morphed into something loose and exciting. I think we were all picking out our own favorites.

Congratulations Krista. Well done.

On another note, I stopped on the way home to capture some images at a local nature trail. Quispamsis has created varied trails though wooded areas, along streams and in this case, along a marsh. I got lucky and found this show-off.
The problem with my camera is that there is no "through the lens" view-finder - only the LCD screen which is not viewable in most daylight conditions. So I am essentially shooting blind. Time for a camera upgrade. Oh, Bruce honey...birthday hint.

I have a difficult time narrowing down something interesting to focus on. There is so much information. I found a solution. It may not be the safest, but if I close one eye, and partially close the other, then I can see light patterns more easily.

So if you happen to come across what you think is a crazy lady stumbling through the woods, its just me - looking for that perfect shot.

Have a great weekend all.


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  1. Thank you Dale for your wonderful words about my art show. Do not go into the woods when it is hunting season lol